Breaking the Enigma: what if Turing had Python? (Inglés)

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Sábado 08, 15:40

Sobre la ponencia

In this talk I want to bring back all the cryptographic work done during the World War II regarding the deciphering of the nazi communication system. In particular, I will present a python re-creation of the Enigma machine used to encrypt messages during the war, but most importantly I will present a historically accurate python simulator of the Bombe machine used to crack this cipher. I want to present, with our current technology and architecture, how did the researchers at Bletchley Park engineered an electro-mechanical device, key to end the war. And how by doing that, they contribute to setting the bases for the first computers. I am going to present the technical challenges and the human efforts involved in breaking a code such as Enigma, as well as the key flaws that doomed it. Finally, I will try to obtain a replica of the Enigma machine in order for the audience to experiment the cipher process and elements first hand.